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Curtains & Rugs


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Curtain & Drape Set

18 panels with 18 curtain & mask sets.

Price is $20 US


Aditional Curtain & Drapes images

Aditional curtain & drape and mask images to use with the above panels.

Price is $10 US per set of 10


Complete Curtain & Drape set

Get the entire set of 18 panels and 63 curtain/drape images and mask.

Price is $40 US



6 Rug objects with 14 different textures.

Price is $20 US



Also, you may view these objects 1st hand in Active Worlds in Ganymede. My Cit name in AW is Paul.

E-main me at ...... mpbarrow(at) ......(replace (at) with @)