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* these are all true 3d models, not facers.


A true 3D model with a candle and flame inside as well as a flickering animation on the inside surfaces.

Price is $5 US



A large spider.

Price is $5 US



A large snake.

Price is $5 US


Skeleton 1

A skeleton standing.

Price is $5 US

Skeleton 1a

A skeleton laying down.

Price is $5 US


Skeleton 1b

A standing skeleton with arms outstrecthed.

Price is $5 US



A standing mummy.

Price is $5 US


Mummy 1

a mummy in a sitting position with legs and arms outstretched out.

Price is $5 US


Spotlight Set

This is a 2 piece spotlight set one on with a lightbeam and one off.

Price is $5 US



Replica of the Egyption Jackyl (Anubis) statue.

Price is $50 US




Also, you may view these objects 1st hand in Active Worlds in Ganymede. My Cit name in AW is Paul.

E-main me at ...... mpbarrow(at) ......(replace (at) with @)