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Globe Lamps

Globe lamps in 3 different colors with flower inlays.

Price is $14 each or $30 US for all 3


Desk Lamps

This is a 2 piece desk lamp set with tags for retexturing the base and shade with 14 base textures and 4 shade textures. Can use the activate command to have a light bulb and light beam turn on and off or use the AW Light command.

Price is $25 US


Hurricane Lamps

11 different colored hurricane lamps with flames.

Price is $10 each, 5 for $30, all 11 for $50 US


Floor Lamp

This set consist of 1 floor lamp and 5 different textured shades.

Price is $25 US

Crystal Chandeliers (high vert/poly count)

This set consist of 7 different colored crystal chandeliers.

Price is $20 each, 3 for $40, or all 7 for $70 US


Chandelier (V arm)

This is a brass chandelier with V shaped arms.

Price is $10 US


Chandelier (horizontal S arms, high vert/poly count)

This is an intricate brass chandelier with horizontal S shaped arms.

Price is $25 US


Chandelier (3 tier hex)

This is a brass 3 tier hexagonal chandelier.

Price is $15 US



Also, you may view these objects 1st hand in Active Worlds in Ganymede. My Cit name in AW is Paul.

E-main me at ...... mpbarrow(at) ......(replace (at) with @)