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Couch and Recliner

A 2 piece couch and recliner set.

Price is $15 US


Brass & Glass Set

A glass & brass table, chair, endtable, and coffee table set. 5 pieces

Price is $15 US


Wood Table & Chair Set

A wood dining table and chair with design inlays. 2 pieces

Price is $15 US


Dresser & Mirror

A dresser and mirror set with design inlays. 2 pieces

Price is $15 US


Another dresser with design inlays.

Price is $15 US


Small Dresser

A bed side set of drawerswith inlays.

Price is $10 US



A Chifforobe with inlays.

Price is $15 US

***** Intire set of the above Dressers and Chifforobe $40 US


Wood Bed Frame

A wood bed frame with inlays.

Price is $10 US


Metal Bed Frames

Brass and Chrome Bed Frames. 3 brass textures and 1 chrome type to choose from.

Price is $10 US each


Matress (for above beds)

Matress and Pillows for above bed frames.

Price is $10 US

***** All if the above bed frames and matress $30 US


Canopy Beds

11 assorted Canopy Beds and textures.

Price is $20 US each, 4 for $40, all 11 for $60

2 additional matress styles for above beds $15 US

Also, you may view these objects 1st hand in Active Worlds in Ganymede. My Cit name in AW is Paul.

E-main me at ...... mpbarrow(at) ......(replace (at) with @)